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Maximum flexibility for the highest requirements in process analytics

The Top 3 Advantages

Method combination for monitoring of different analytes at various measuring points


Flexible layout - application-specific combination of analysis modules for more flexibility


Turnkey solutions - sample preparation solutions and integrated systems

Avoid plant shutdowns with customized online monitoring of chemical parameters

Whether wet chemical titration, ion chromatography or spectroscopy - the modular concept of the 2060 platform provides users with an integrated solution for 24/7 online monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes.
Thanks to the modular system, established Metrohm solutions can be transferred from the laboratory to the process and allow customized configuration of robust process analysis systems to increase process efficiency.
Multiple cabinets can be combined and even different cabinets can be set up in different locations, allowing the monitoring of hard-to-reach sampling points to be automated.
With the common IMPACT software platform, method combination of different analytical methods is possible based on a single software platform.
The analyzer platform is designed for harsh process environments, resulting in a long service life and increased uptime due to reduced maintenance intervals.

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Deutsche METROHM Prozessanalytik GmbH & Co. KG
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