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The Top 3 Advantages

Best process suitability due to robust designed and state-of-the-art spectrometer hardware


The embedded process software covers all requirements for a safe and economical PAT


Easy method development by intuitive, easy-to-use software and Metrohm application support

Maximized process efficiency by inline monitoring of all key parameters within seconds

The 2060 The NIR Analyzer is the next generation of process spectroscopy instruments and designed specifically for use in harsh process environments. The innovative, rugged design makes the analyzer almost insensitive to vibrations and external influences. Power buffer modules, the embedded operating system and customizable operation screens ensure maximum operational reliability and security. The spectrometer, optimized for high throughput measurements and accuracy, provides highly precise results within seconds - if necessary, two sampling points are analyzed simultaneously. The validity of your results is always ensured: internal standards and automated diagnosis functions continuously monitor the analyzer performance and allow easy method transfer. The proven OMNIS software has an intuitive and context-sensitive user interface allowing easy chemometric model development. Prediction model updates are possible at any time, without disturbing the process measurement. NIR spectrocopy combined with PAT has never been so easy and economical as with the 2060 The NIR Analyzer.

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Deutsche METROHM Prozessanalytik GmbH & Co. KG
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