PlasmaQuant 9100 Series of ICP-OES Instruments

The Top 3 Advantages

Maximum reliability – unique resolving power with high-resolution optics


Convenience – broad applicability and superior analytical performance


Flexible observation – optimized plasma observation modes without compromises

Reveal the Details That Matter

Experience innovative ICP-OES technology and explore the elemental details of your samples. Gain the analytical advantage for superior product quality, process monitoring and regulation compliance. Add clarity, simplicity and confidence to your most delicate analytical routines. Benefit from the widest working range as well as reduced sample preparation demands to improve precision, productivity and ease of use.

The PlasmaQuant 9100 series consists of the regular PlasmaQuant 9100 and the PlasmaQuant 9100 Elite, an upgraded version with high-resolution optics.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost-efficient shift-work operation
  • Flexible plasma observation
  • Interference-free emission lines
  • System readiness within 15 minutes


Maximum reliability

  • Unique resolving power with high-resolution optics
  • Interference-free trace element analysis
  • Selection of emission lines without compromises
  • Fast measurement readiness


  • Less torch handling and increased instrument up-time
  • Broad applicability and superior analytical performance
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Torch mounting process with no need for alignment

Flexible observation

  • Optimized plasma observation modes without compromises
  • Argon-neutral counter gas for unique sensitivity
  • Detection from sub-mg/kg and sub-mg/L to percentage range in one run
  • Minimal need for sample preparation

Increased productivity

  • Outstanding plasma robustness for analyzing any sample matrix
  • Superior accuracy and precision by running undiluted samples
  • Maximum application flexibility
  • Lowest matrix-specific detection limits
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