Easily Determine the N Content of Solid and Liquid Samples in Just 3 Minutes Using the Dumas Method

Precise, Cost-Effective DUMATHERM Technology – a Success Story from C. Gerhardt

DUMATHERM® technology has established itself as a key component of food and animal feed laboratories. The sturdy, powerful DUMATHERM analytics system provides valid reference results cleanly, quickly and steadily. And it can do so in almost any location with the appropriate gas infrastructure.

It is easy to operate, with the DUMATHERM Manager software providing clear and reliable guidance through the program. Status windows keep you on top of the process at all times.

All analytical and device data is saved, forming documentation that enables you to trace at any time all combustion processes that have been carried out. This way, DUMATHERM efficiently supports quality assurance in an accredited laboratory and takes care of compiling the majority of documentation for you. It also includes different user levels and password protection, of course.

10 Years of Application Know-How

For over 15 years, we have been working together with customers in all industries on their specific analytical tasks. Our application laboratory creates applications for analysing the huge variety of our customers’ samples, raw materials and end products.
This has helped us make DUMATHERM what it is today: a sturdy, profitable analytics system that is simple to operate and gives you maximum efficiency with a minimum of maintenance. The software keeps track of how many analyses are performed and whether consumables need to be changed. DUMATHERM’s straightforward design and the low number of replacement parts make your work easier.

Great Savings in Time and Costs

Heating up, system test, leak test – DUMATHERM is completely operational in just 30 minutes. The sample data and weights are automatically sent from the scales or the LIMS to the software. Comprehensive data export functions save time while handling your sensitive analysis data securely. 

Combustion Process Trimmed to Efficiency

The combustion process is fully automated and stoichiometric.
The system adds the precise quantity of oxygen required for each sample.
The world’s first chrome-free reactor provides outstanding catalytic characteristics.

DUMATHERM only expends as must energy as necessary to combust the sample without residue. The remaining ash is collected simply and cleanly in the crucible.
The total gas analysis makes it possible to analyse even samples with low nitrogen content precisely. Only small sample weights are required. This minimises the throughput of consumables and guarantees the stability of values, from low to high.

Maximum Analysis Quality

Original C. Gerhardt consumables ensure a consistently high level of performance and lasting analysis quality.
High-performance units require high-performance consumables. C. Gerhardt supplies everything you need to operate DUMATHERM. When developing consumables that are ideally tailored to DUMATHERM, we focussed not only on cost-efficiency and the best analytical performance, but also on using substances that are milder than those commonly used in the combustion market: CG is proud to present the first non-carcinogenic absorbent for liquid samples. User safety is always CG’s top priority.

Calibration Strategy

Calibration remains stable for months and does not have to be repeated daily. DUMATHERM has almost no wearing parts, and the system is stable and leak-tight.

Analysing Difficult Samples with Ease

DUMATHERM technology can handle it all: samples with a low nitrogen content, highly concentrated and saline samples, samples with a high water content.
The intelligent water drainage separation with condensation traps and maintenance-free gas dryer meets the most stringent of requirements, such as those for analysing milk and milk products in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14891.

The C. Gerhardt plus Principle

We provide you with more than just a high-precision analytics system.

  • Equipment with fewer replacement parts guarantee clear costs
  • Quickly completed maintenance tasks and few of them make you ready to start again in no time
  • Total costs per year or per analysis are easy to calculate and unbeatably low-priced
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