Professional CarePacs for Smooth Routine Testing

Tweezers, Gloves and Other Accessories for Professional Weight Handling

Test your balances securely, and in accordance with USP <41>, by using just two weights to test at 5% and 100% of the capacity of each balance. Not only is this unique approach much faster, but purchasing and recalibration costs are substantially reduced. CarePacs® include tweezers, gloves and other accessories for professional weight handling.

Three sizes of CarePacs allow testing of balances up to 8 kg weighing capacity.

Maintain Process Tolerances
Fully supporting routine testing with external weights, CarePacs offer a convenient and cost-effective way of limiting the risk of working outside of specified process tolerances.

Save Time and Money
Routine testing is performed with just two weights corresponding to the maximum and minimum loads. Weights are specified to validate process tolerances up to 0.03%.

Customer-specific 3rd Weight
CarePacs offer the option to add a third weight to accommodate individual testing requirements, e.g. minimum weight determination.

Security through Superior Accessories
Ergonomic tweezers (or weight forks for larger weights) as well as clean-room approved gloves and cleaning cloths meet the highest industry requirements and assure professional testing.

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