FIA System for Automated Water Analysis

Devices Used in Environmental, Water, and Food Analysis

The FIA system allows automated photometric detection of various parameters in water and environmental analysis as well as the analysis of soil and food extracts. Standardised methods are applied for this purpose. The systems can be easily adjusted to meet all requirements of a laboratory due to its modular setup. In addition, the required space is low because of the compact setup.

Each FIA system comes with a sampler which could be equipped with different sample trays. Furthermore, the system can be connected to a diluter. This offers the possibility for an automated sample dilution and spiking. Thus, calibration standards and control standards can be prepared, too.

The control of the analysis system as well as the data acquisition and management is carried out by the easily operated Windows software FIAStudio.

There are two types of the FIA analyser (FIAcompact and FIAmodula). Compared to the FIAmodula device, the FIAcompact device is equipped with two independent multi-channel peristaltic pumps which allow for the integration of complex sample pre-treatment steps like digestion, enrichment and high performance dialysis into the methods. Furthermore, the method units can be exchanged. This enables to measure several parameters successively - especially with low numbers of samples. In addition, there is a so-called Universal method unit which enables to measure the basic parameters of water analysis (NH4, NO2, NO3, and PO4) consecutively without need for an exchange of the method unit.

Up to eight FIA analyser can be operated in parallel and with it up to eight different parameters can be determined so that also high numbers of samples can be measured saving time. Due to the low required space and the fixed method units FIAmodula devices are particularly suited for this purpose.

The following parameters can be determined, amongst others: aluminium, ammonium, chloride, hexavalent chromium, free cyanide/total cyanide, iron(II)/total iron, magnesium, nitrate/nitrite, total nitrogen, orthophosphate, phenol index, anionic tensides, silicate, sulphate and sulphide.

Furthermore, the Cyanos device with integrated sampler is a discrete analyser for the determination of cyanide. All necessary components (UV- and thermo-reactor with temperature program) for the selective release of the cyanide from its bonds are integrated. The flow analysis method for water, leachates and soil extracts according to DIN EN ISO 14403 (for FIA) is applied. It includes a membrane transfer of the released hydrogen cyanide so that interferences are eliminated to a large extent. The membrane transfer is carried out with standing acceptor which results in an enrichment of the analyte and a high measuring sensitivity as the reagent consumption is low. The detection is pyridine-free.

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