Thin Layer Chromatography Derivatization System

Optimal Staining Development of TLC/HPTLC Plates

It’s simple as opening and closing a book: the Derivapress® immersion derivatization system provides a cost-effective, efficient and safe alternative to perfect this essential stage of TLC and to move towards densitometric measurements like quantitative and semi-quantitative TLC.

  • Homogeneous and clear derivatization of all TLC / HPTLC-plates
  • Plate treated in full within 3 seconds
  • Optimal reproducibility before digitization and classification of TLC / HPTLC analysis
  • Derivamouss transfer pad, reusable depending on the type of reagent used
  • Clean and safe working environment: no dangerous discharges, leaks or toxic spray
  • Complies with European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.27 (visualisation devices by immersion)

Maximum dimensions of plates:

  • Derivapress Compact: 10 x 10 cm
  • Derivapress Standard: 20 x 20 cm


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