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LenS3 MALS-V Dual Detector by Tosoh

Advanced triple detection solution for GPC polymer analysis

The only all-in-one detector for multi-angle light scattering (MALS) and viscometry

Integrated MALS-Visco detector to analyze structure, shape, and conformation of polymers in solution ✓ Simple solution for triple detection when combined with a concentration detector (UV or RI) ✓ Complimentary easy-to-use and most advanced triple detection GPC/SEC software ✓...

analytica branching analysis conformation analysis +13
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SureSTART Vials and Well Plates by Thermo Fisher Scientific

SureSTART autosampler vials for all chromatography applications and budgets

3 performance level: Easily select products suited to your analytical, performance or value needs

Sample security and low compound adsorption to keep your samples safe and secure ✓ Three distinct performance levels to meet your price and performance needs ✓ Complete instrument compatibility for all chromatography autosamplers ✓...

biopharmaceutical analysis chemical analysis consumables +3
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GFD®Lab by PSL

Laboratory Nutsche Filter Dryer for solid-liquid separation and scale-up development

Modular, all-in-one unit that supersedes traditional Büchner filtration and oven drying methods

Efficient - Up to 100% product recovery thanks to a unique filtration basket design ✓ Predictable - Programmable recipe sequences for consistent batch reprod...

de-watering drying drying systems +10
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Starna by Starna Scientific

Highest quality precision quartz and glass cuvettes for all applications

Custom and OEM options. All popular cells available from stock!

Verify your Spectrophotometer using Starna Certified Reference Materials – trusted by end-users worldwide for their excellent quality and reliability...

absorption measurements calibration calibration standards +12
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Dursan by SilcoTek

Innovative coating revolutionizes LC analysis

Stainless steel components with the performance of PEEK - inert, robust and cost-effective

Creates metal free inert flow path to minimize unwanted analyte interactions ✓ Increases corrosion resistance ✓ Inertness for frits and other difficult components that cannot be treated by other methods ✓...

coatings CVD coatings HPLC +3
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Milli-Q® IX 7003/05/10/15 by Merck Life Science

Consistent and Reliable Type 2 Pure Water Quality

Reliable Pure Type 2 Water Purification Systems for results reproducibility & Lab productivity

Constant-quality Elix pure water ✓ Mercury-free UV lamps ✓ Greener Alternative Products ✓...

buffer preparation cytology dishwashers +21
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Mini-UniPrep™ by Cytiva

Improved HPLC Sample Preparation

Save 66 % sample preparation time and reduce costs by 40 %

All-in-one filtration allows you to process samples in one-third of the time ✓ Wide range of membrane choices available ✓ Fewer consumables are required, reducing costs by up to 40% ✓...

chromatography dissolution testing filter units +12
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Acura by Socorex Isba

Micropipette Acura Manual – User-Friendly Ergonomics and Superior Performance

Precision instruments ideal for both routine use and high research requirements

Smart and reliable volume adjustment with fine click-stops, single-handed volume setting ✓ High user comfort, light weight and precision digital display visible at all time ✓ Adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips, optimal positionning of large tip ejector button ✓...

analytics diagnostic products diagnostics +15
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Whatman GD/X™ syringe filters by Cytiva

Whatman GD/X syringe filters

A solution for difficult to filter samples

Processes three to seven times more sample volume – save time ✓ Requires less hand pressure, even with the most difficult samples – save your sample ✓ Prefiltration stack of Whatman GMF 150 and GF/F glass microfiber media – save your thumb ✓...

cellulose acetate syringe filter concentration analysis conformity test +7
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Anopore™ by Cytiva

Precise filtration made easy with Anopore inorganic membranes

The aluminum oxide filter membrane that can increase the purity or yield of your analyte

High pore density and narrow pore size distribution make it an extremely precise membrane ✓ Extremely low protein binding minimizes sample loss ✓ Virtually transparent when wet, making it suitable for microscopy studies ✓...

Asbestos testing bacteria filtration filter membranes +11
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