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Particle Size Standards and Count Controls by Applied Microspheres

Particle Size Standards and Count Controls meeting the highest international metrological criteria

Calibration and validation of particle sizing and counting instruments

Precision in every Sphere ✓ Long shelf life at room temperature ✓ Available from stock ✓...

calibration cleanroom testing filter testing +10
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Crystalline PV/RR by Technobis

Crystalline PV/RR – multiple reactor system for crystallization process and formulation development

Access crystallization and formulation information at mL scale. Every picture tells your story

AI-based image analysis ✓ Improved optics with resolution of up to 0.63 microns per pixel ✓ Advanced analytical features ✓...

ai-based image analysis ai-based software co-crystals +16
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QICPIC | PICTOS & Co. by Sympatec

Analysis of particle size and particle shape in laboratory and process from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

Fast, reproducible and comparable measuring results with dynamic image analysis

Product-oriented analysis of particle size & shape through modular dosing and dispersing systems ✓ Highest resolution of the particle spectrum with 4 MP high-speed camera & wide measuring range ✓ Evaluation of statistically relevant particle numbers with powerful modes for meaningful results ✓...

analytica dynamic image analysis image analysis +16
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HELOS | RODOS | MYTOS & Co. by Sympatec

Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution in Laboratory and Process from below 0.1 µm to 8,750 µm

Analysis of powder, granules, suspensions, emulsions and spray with laser diffraction

Product-oriented particle size analysis through modularly adaptable dosing and dispersing systems ✓ Highest resolution of particle size distribution with up to 8 discrete measuring range modules ✓ Best reproducibility of results and excellent system-to-system comparability ✓...

analytica diffraction granulometry grain size analysis +18
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Accusizer by Soliton Laser- und Messtechnik

Optical Particle Sizing System from 1nm - 400µm

Optical particle measurement for laboratory and process control

Measurement of particle sizes outside the expected distribution ✓ ZETA potential measurement ✓ nanoparticle measurement ✓...

ACHEMA dynamic light scattering environmental analysis +12
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