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FireSting-PRO by PyroScience

New fiber optic measuring device: Precise measurements even in the smallest volumes

Measure pH, oxygen and temperature even under sterile conditions

Measure important analytes in a single sample at high precision with maximum flexibility ✓ Many different sensor formats available, now also pre-calibrated & sterile sensors ✓ One Device for O2, pH and Temperature-Many Applications in Life Sciences ✓...

Inline Measurement measuring instruments microfluidics +6
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inoLab Multi 9630 IDS by Xylem

Wireless measurement: Digital simultaneous pH, conductivity, oxygen or turbidity

Digital multi-parameter laboratory instrument with three inputs and comprehensive GLP functions

Simultaneous measurement with three independent measuring channels and IDS wireless sensors ✓ Fatigue-free reading via brilliant colour display ✓ Digital sensor recognition ✓...

analytica conductivity measurement conductometers +9
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MiniLab AR & AP by SEAL Analytical

Robot-assisted analysis of pH, conductivity, BOD

Reduce your workload and increase reliability in the laboratory

Accurate - Reduce error and operator/sample Interaction ✓ Economical - Various platforms to fit your workload Reliable - Robust design for consistent results...

conductivity measurement environmental analysis laboratory robots +10
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Mütek PCD-06 by BTG

The Standard for Lab Charge Measurement: Mütek PCD-06 Particle Charge Detector

The Modern Way to Measure Charge

Used for charge characterization and quality control from chemical additives in the laboratory to process surveys onsite. The portable equipment...

charge measurement charge measurement systems conductivity +7
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conductometer by Metrohm

Stay flexible: Find out about the most convenient portable conductometer in its class

Precise measurements even under the toughest conditions thanks to dust-tight and water-tight housing

Conductometer for outdoors and for processes ✓ IP67 ✓ Sensor quality display ✓ GLP-compliant reporting...

conductivity measurement conductometers conductometry +2
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DMA M-Dichtemessgeräte by Anton Paar

Modular Density Meters for QC: Measure up to 8 Parameters at the Push of a Button

Space-saving systems for high-end density measurements and up to six-digit results

Unmatched modularity ✓ Twice as effective viscosity correction as any other density meter ✓ Real-time detection of bubbles & particles ✓...

alcohol content measurement CO2 measurement density measurement +8
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MultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS by Xylem

Your digital IDS pocket meter for water analysis: Measure 3 parameters simultaneously

The digital portable multi-parameter meter for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity ✓ Digital sensor detection ✓ Wireless ready ✓...

analytica conductivity measurement multiparameter analysis +8
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ProfiLine pH 3310 by Xylem

Perfect pH meter for those who store measured values and process them on a PC

Compact precision pH meter with built-in data memory and logger function

Fast and reliable pH measurements ✓ Maximum ease of use, reliability and measurement certainty ✓ Proven calibration procedures and automatic stability control ✓...

drinking water analyses drinking water analytics environmental analysis +6
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