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SphereSpectro 150H by Gigahertz Optik

SphereSpectro 150H -Patented Spectrophotometer

Determining the spectral absorption coefficient and effective scattering coefficient of scattering

For clear samples the classical 8°/d measurement geometry is supported ✓ Different stages of expansion in the spectral range UV, VIS to IR ✓ Patented Measuring System ✓...

active ingredient analysis analytica biophotonics +10
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MultiScan MS 20 by DataPhysics

Dispersion stability analysis – easy and efficient

MultiScan MS 20 helps in the product optimization of emulsions and suspensions

Fast, sensitive, and non-destructive optical stability and aging analysis ✓ Quantitative, accurate and reliable analysis of electrode slurries for lithium-ion batteries ✓Analysis in original concentrations and under the real storage conditions (-10 °C to 80 °C)...

aging analysis analysis analyzers +16
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Tensíío by KRÜSS

Break-through in tensiometry

One device, 15 methods for analyzing surface and interfacial tension and wettability

A large, integrated touch display simplifies operation and saves space in the lab ✓ Integrated temperature control between -15 and 135 °C ✓ 15 different methods for surface and interfacial tension and wettability analysis ✓...

adhesion analysis coating analysis contact angle measurement +14
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