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Forschungszentrum Jülich pursues cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on solving the grand challenges facing society in the fields of health, energy and the environment, and also information technologies. In combination with its two key competencies – physics and supercomputing – work at Jülich focuses on both long-term, fundamental and multidisciplinary contributions to science and technology as well as on specific technological applications. With a staff of about 4400, Jülich – a member of the Helmholtz Association – is one of the largest research centres in Europe. More and more people are living longer and longer. Jülich health research aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of age-related diseases of the brain using biophysical methods and imaging techniques. Reliably supplying future generations with environmentally friendly, affordable and secure energy is another research priority at Jülich. Photovoltaics, fuel cells, improved power plant technology and nuclear fusion – these are the fields of work for Jülich’s energy researchers. Conversely, environmental researchers at Jülich are working on the impacts that technological processes have on the environment and the climate. They are investigating how plants react to changing environmental conditions and how food can be provided for a steadily growing global population. Nanoelectronic engineers investigate and develop new materials and manufacturing processes for the computer generation after next. In doing so they pursue three concepts: exploiting the electron spin as a unit of information, developing innovative architectures using proven semiconductor technology, and linking electronic and biological systems. Of major significance in Jülich is simulation research on one of the largest supercomputers in the world.

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