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Zapata Computing, Inc., USA

Zapata Computing is building software and algorithms for 
the next generation of high-performance computing. We develop powerful, hardware-agnostic solutions for simulation, optimization, and machine learning applications in chemistry, finance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and materials more

Simreka, Germany

Simreka empowers brands and manufacturers rapidly bring new products to market with 100x faster experiments using AI and ML. Using Simreka, materials manufacturers can accelerate innovation and new product discovery to transform supply chains for chemicals/materials that will be profitable, safer an more

dive solutions GmbH, Germany

dive solutions is an award-winning deep-tech startup located in Berlin, Germany. The company was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from several years of research in the field of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). Today, we create world-class software to help engineers design more sustainable product more

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  • How to play Catalysis Tetris?

    The way molecules involved in a chemical reaction bond to the surface of a catalyst is key to improving catalyst performance. Researchers at the Fritz Haber Institute and Denmark's Aarhus University have now developed a machine learning algorithm that can predict this property for complex molecules more

  • Quantistry: Berlin-based software company launches platform for chemical simulations

    Quantistry announces the official launch of its platform „Quantistry Lab“, a digital chemistry lab for material development simulations. Focused markets are primarily battery development, semiconductors, lubricants, optical as well as specialty chemical industries. The cloud-based solution of the Be more

  • Towards reproducible science with Jupyter Notebooks

    Software plays a key role in modern science. Experiments that produce large amounts of data generally need substantial software-based analysis to extract understanding. Simulation-based research in particular yields results based solely on the computer-based generation of data and its subsequent ana more

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ProMax Simulation Software

ProMax Simulation Software ProMax is a chemical process simulator for process troubleshooting and design, developed and sold by Bryan Research and Engineering, Inc. Initially released in late 2005, ProMax is a continuance of two previous process ... more


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