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SunCrafter Solar Charging Station GbR, Germany

SunCrafter brings safe and affordable solar power to where it is needed. Be it a refugee camp or music festival, SunCrafter can provide a clean alternative. Solar generators starting from 190 Wp available for rent from one day to one year.Since 2013 theSunCrafter has provided clean energy for some o more

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  • Major infrared breakthrough could lead to solar power at night

    The sun’s enormous energy may soon be harnessed in the dark of night following a significant advance in thermal capture technology. Solar radiation heats the earth’s crust significantly during daylight hours, but that energy is lost into the coldness of space when the sun goes down. Now, researchers more

  • Breakthrough in converting CO2 into fuel using solar energy

    A research team led by Lund University in Sweden has shown how solar power can convert carbon dioxide into fuel, by using advanced materials and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. The breakthrough could be an important piece of the puzzle in reducing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in t more

  • Load up the hydrogen but hold the carbon

    In the global race to curb climate change and reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen is considered a serious contender to replace fossil fuels. Although hydrogen 'burns' cleanly, with only water as a by-product, the current way of making hydrogen a reliable fuel alternative is energy- and carbon-intensiv more

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Caltech and JCAP Discover Solar Fuel Materials


Hybrid Design for Efficient Solar Power

A new concept could bring highly efficient solar power by combining three types of technologies that convert different parts of the light spectrum and also store energy for use after sundown. more

New Polymers for Solar Power

As part of the 2015–2016 Fellows’ Presentation Series at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Scott T. Milner RI ’16 discusses current trends in solar power, how solar cells work, and how polymer-based materials may offer an attractive alternative to silicon. more

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Solar power satellite

Solar power satellite to a space vessel or planetary surface. A solar power satellite, or SPS or Powersat, as originally proposed would be a satellite built in high Earth orbit that uses microwave power transmission to beam solar power to a ... more


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