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VS Logistics Dormagen GmbH, Germany

We are a trans-europeanly active logistics group. We offer our customers special logistic-solutions on our own storage areas over more than 120.000 m². We store dangerous goods in our special warehouses (BImSchV). more

Hoyer GmbH, Germany

Transport, storage and transshipment of liquids, dry bulk goods and liquefied gases, tankcleaning, container repair and mainteneance, logistics consulting. Operation of tank depots, silo and filling facilities. more

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Benchtop Freezer for the Lab

Cold boxes: quiet, 35 l volume, temperature to -85 ° C, also available with touchscreen, installation directly on the user's desktop more

Plastic articles for everyday use in the laboratory (liquid handling, life science and much more)

The Semadeni Catalog 2022 with over 8000 articles for laboratory and science, health care, food, industry and many more - order now! more

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  • New materials for storing flammable industrial gases

    How do I store more, and better? This summarizes the challenge of transporting flammable gases. To ensure industrial safety, these gases must be handled at defined temperature and pressure conditions that do not allow for optimal storage and release cycles. Existing porous materials can facilitate t more

  • A “fairly simple” breakthrough makes accessing stored hydrogen more efficient

    A new catalyst from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and collaborators extracts hydrogen from hydrogen storage materials easily and efficiently. The process occurs at mild temperatures and under normal atmospheric conditions, without using metals or additives. The breakthrough offers more

  • Micrometer-sized particles encased in tailored polymer membranes

    Metal hydrides are considered a cutting-edge storage material for hydrogen. These hydrides function even better, if the micrometer-sized hydride particles are coated with a thin polymer film. Using a sophisticated microscopy technique, a team at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon can now successfully show in more

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To Refrigerate, Or Not To Refrigerate?

You may have previously come across the advice that tomatoes shouldn’t be refrigerated, but should be stored at room temperature, in order to maximise their flavour. To understand the reasoning behind this, we need to take a look at the chemical compounds that give tomatoes their flavour, and the ef more

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Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen storage Hydrogen storage describes the methodologies for storing H2 for subsequent use. The methodologies span many approaches, including high pressures, but usually focus on chemical compounds that reversibly release H2 upon heating. ... more


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