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Denk Ingredients GmbH, Germany

With our clear focus on innovative health ingredients from natural origin we offer our customers a broad, innovative and high quality portfolio. Denk Ingredients, with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and founded in 1986, is dedicated to the distribution of ingredients to the food, dietary supple more

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  • Distinguish sugars with eye-catching and stretchy rainbow film

    Rainbows and sugar may conjure up images of a certain leprechaun-branded breakfast cereal. But now, researchers in ACS Nano report a kaleidoscope-like film for telling different sweeteners apart that displayed multiple colors when stretched by hand. When evenly stretched with a simple apparatus, the more

  • Chemical origami yields new plant compounds with wide potential

    Plants produce countless kinds of compounds, also known as natural products, that the plants manufacture using the enzymes predetermined by their genetic code. Many of these natural products are very useful as antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs or vitamins, among myriad other applications. Many of these more

  • How sweet can you get?

    A sweeter version of a widely used plant-derived sweetener is on the way. Researchers have found a way to make thaumatin -- one of the sweetest natural sugar substitutes on the market -- even sweeter. "Making natural sweeteners stronger could be a huge plus to the food industry, especially as there more

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The Chemistry of Cider

Having looked at the chemistry behind beer previously, it seemed only fair to also take a look at cider for all the cider drinkers out there. On a hot summer’s day, the cool, refreshing taste of cider is hard to beat. But what are the chemicals behind this flavour? Before we look at the chemistry, l more

Aspartame, The Artificial Sweetener

There’s no shortage of material when it comes to aspartame research – the FDA has described it as one of the most studied food additives currently approved. We’re talking a huge number of studies, more than 500, so you’d justifiably think that this is an issue that the research can weigh in on prett more

The Versatility of Glycerol

Look on the ingredients label of many different cosmetic or personal care products, and glycerol (often also called glycerin or glycerine) is commonly present. It’s also found in a variety of food products, as well as in some pharmaceutical products, so what’s the reason for its inclusion? Glycerol more


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