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Temperature Measurement

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Siemens AG - Process Automation, Germany

Process automation from A to Z - Siemens is your one-stop partner. Intelligent Process Automation is crucial for the competitiveness in the process industry. With "from integrated engineering to integrated operations" we show the value of digitalization for your plant and how you can benefit from o more

Endress+Hauser (Deutschland) GmbH+Co. KG, Germany

The Endress+Hauser Group Endress+Hauser is a global leader in the provision of measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. With a wide range of sensors, instruments, systems and services, Endress+Hauser covers the areas of level, flow, pressure and more

AAW Control Systems Ltd., United Kingdom

Since then AAW Control Systems has become a major provider of temperature control, monitoring equipment and systems within the UK and recruited key software and hardware personnel with many years experiences of Woodley Electronics and Danfoss systems. AAW pride itself on providing a quality service more

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Products Temperature Measurement

Single Device for Multi-Analyte Measurements in a Single Sample

The new FireSting-PRO is an unprecedented one device-solution, freely configurable for all optical oxygen, pH, and temperature sensors from PyroScience more

A New Era of Temperature Measurement Using Non-Invasive Sensors

Increased safety - no process penetration ✓ Greater flexibility - CAPEX cost reduction of more than 75% ✓ Keep your measurement quality - Innovative technology with proven components more

News Temperature Measurement

  • Precise X-ray thermometer for warm dense matter

    Warm dense matter (WDM) measures thousands of degrees in temperature and is under the pressure of thousands of Earth's atmospheres. Found in many places throughout the universe, it is expected to have beneficial applications on Earth. However, its investigation is a challenge. Even the temperature o more

  • Artificial opals measure temperature and time

    Due to their iridescent colors, opals have been considered particularly precious gemstones since antiquity. The way these stones shimmer is caused by their nanostructures. A research group led by Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch at the University of Bayreuth has produced colloidal crystals mimicking such str more

  • A thermometer can be stretched and crumpled by water

    Recent outbreaks of the novel coronavirus have emphasized the importance of quarantine and prevention more than ever. When monitoring changes in our body, body temperature is first measured. So, it is very significant to measure the temperature accurately and promptly. With this regard, a research t more

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Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement Temperature measurement using modern scientific thermometer s and temperature scales goes back at least as far as the early 18th century, when Gabriel Fahrenheit adapted a thermometer (switching to mercury ) and a scal ... more


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