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Multiresponsive nanosurfactant integrates functions of molecular surfactants

(0:00) Droplets coated with nanosurfactants are hit with a laser which clumps the droplets into a two-dimensional hexagonal structure and rotates them much like gears.

(0:17) Droplets are randomly distributed and then a laser is turned on which attracts them together into a bilayer aggregate. Upon turning the laser off, the ordered structure disassembles until the light is reintroduced and a new ordered structure emerges.

(2:17) The same principle is demonstrated with a much larger number of droplets. Systems of mechanized and reactive droplets powered by multiresponsive surfactants,

Nature 2018. Authors: Zhijie Yang†, Jingjing Wei†, Yaroslav I. Sobolev, Bartosz Grzybowski DOI: 10.1038/nature25137

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