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    ERAVISC X - 2 in 1: Viscosity & density with lab-precision

    High-precision kinematic viscosity testing at any temperature between 15 °C and 100 °C ✓ Simultaneous high- precision density measurement in full compliance with ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185 ✓ Compact & lightweight instrument design: true portability on-site and minimum bench space in the lab ✓ more

    ERASPEC – Spectral Fuel Analysis in Seconds

    Comprehensive fuel composition analysis for gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel at the push of a button in the lab and on-site ✓ Pre-installed and easily expandable & transferable databases ✓ Standards: ASTM D5845, D6277. D7806, D4052, D7777, EN238, EN14078, etc ✓ more

    ERAFLASH and ERAFLASH S10 – The Automated Side of Safe Flash Point Testing

    Maximum safety: No open ignition source completely avoiding the risk of any fire in the lab (ASTM D6450, D7094) ✓ Maximum Speed and Range: PBT - Peltier Boost TechnologyTM ✓ High Throughput: Only 1-2 mL sample needed, analysis of up to 10 samples within 90 minutes (ERAFLASH S10) ✓ more

  • Companies

    eralytics GmbH

    eralytics Austria was founded 2007 by four experts of the petroleum industry. eralytics develops, produces and sells fully automated, portable and easy to operate analyzers mainly for high performance quality control of fuels and lubricating oils. eralytics’ instruments provide fast resu ... more

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