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MultiGas TFS Monitor – Going Beyond Traditional Approaches to Trace Gas Analysis

The single analyzer allows multi-component trace gas analyses in real-time

The MultiGas TFS Monitor is a single analyzer which allows multi-component trace gas analyses in real-time. It’s used for Trace Gas Monitoring in Air Separation Units, fuel cell applications or for bulk gas analysis.

Traditional approaches to trace gas analysis such as gas chromatography and NDIR can be limited by factors like high capital and operational costs, slow response times, and poor analytical specificity. System maintenance and the calibration and support gases associated with some traditional analyzers can represent a significant cost-of-ownership to users, especially those that require analytical data for multiple components from multiple sites within a facility.

MKS Instruments offers the MultiGas TFS Monitor, a gas analyzer for monitoring trace contaminants in bulk gases that uses a Tunable Filter Spectrometer (TFS) for the determination of infrared absorption spectral data in real time.

A single MultiGas TFS Monitor can replace up to four separate process analyzers, significantly lowering capital, maintenance, and operational costs. The unit can be configured to provide analytical data for a wide variety of impurities, including CH4, NMHC (alkanes), CO, CO2, N2O, and H2O at ppb level. Data on impurity concentrations can be collected with reporting rates up to 1 Hz.

The TFS Monitor also exhibit high linearity over an extended concentration range. The unit is permanently calibrated, requiring no field calibration or fuel gases; this significantly reduces operational costs compared with other analytical options.

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