David Place

Pfizer Evaluates New Automated Sampling Technique

New Automated Sampling Technique for Improved Impurity Profiling

Semi-automated lab reactors with unattended sampling present an opportunity to expand understanding of impurity profiles, kinetics, and reaction parameters while no longer requiring scientists to be in the lab continuously. To test this hypothesis, Pfizer scientists chose specific reactions that posed sampling challenges. The studies of the Ullman, Imidazolide, C-H Activation, and Amination reactions presented thick and dark slurries, viscous mixtures, reactions sensitive to oxygen, difficult to sample chemistry and variability in kinetics over 24 hours.

In all cases, EasySampler demonstrated reliability in sampling a wide range of chemical reactions. In particular, with reactions that were challenging to sample by hand, EasySampler provided accurate and precise reaction data for increased reaction understanding. The unattended 24 hour sampling provided information throughout the course of the reaction, enabling chemists to make sound process decisions to improve yield and reduce the level of undesired impurities.

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