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  • Elucidating the Atomic Mechanism of Superlubricity

    The phenomenon of so-called superlubricity is known, but so far the explanation at the atomic level has been missing: for example, how does extremely low friction occur in bearings? Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institutes IWM and IWS jointly deciphered a universal mechanism of superlubricity for more

  • AkzoNobel completes expansion of Surface Chemistry plant in China

    AkzoNobel has completed the €4.8 million expansion project at its Surface Chemistry facility in Boxing, China, significantly increasing the company's regional product portfolio and reconfirming its commitment to the Asian market. Being able to supply higher value products means AkzoNobel Specialty C more

  • Stiff fibres spun from slime

    Nature is an excellent teacher – even for material scientists. Researchers, including scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, have now observed a remarkable mechanism by which polymer materials are formed. In order to capture prey, velvet worms shoot out a sticky secretion more

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Why is Olive Oil Awesome?

Whether you sop it up with bread or use it to boost your cooking, olive oil is awesome. But a lot of chemistry goes on in that bottle that can make or break a product. Take the “extra virgin” standard: Chemistry tells us that a higher free-fatty-acid content leads to a lower grade, less tasty oi ... more

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A Guide to the Different Types of Fat

Fat is an important nutrient in our diets, but there’s a lot of talk of different types of fats, and whether these types are beneficial or harmful to our health. These different fat classifications have their roots in chemistry – and chemistry can also help explain their effects. This graphic takes more

The Chemistry of the Smell of Toilets & Human Waste

Today’s post marks a slight detour for the aroma chemistry series. So far, we’ve look mainly at pleasant aromas, but today we turn to a major malodour: that of toilets, and, more specifically, human waste. It might seem like something of a childish subject, but there are some interesting chemical co more

Why Do Avocados Turn Brown?

Anyone who’s ever purchased an avocado will testify that, after taking several days to reach the point of perfect ripeness, they remain at that point for an incredibly short amount of time before morphing into a brown, sludgy mess. As if to confound this problem, if you do catch them at the optimum more

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  • Canada Agribusiness Report Q2 2012

    BMI View: We forecast steady growth in grains output over the short term in Canada, as we do not believe the recent decision to end the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on grains trading will affect planting decisions by farmers. On the contrary, still-elevated global prices are likely to encourage t more

  • Laffans Petrochemicals Limited (524522) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Laffans Petrochemicals Limited (Laffans Petrochemicals) is engaged in manufacturing ethylene oxide derivatives such as Ethoxylates, Glycol Ethers, Propoxylates, Ethanol Amine, Acetates, and Brake fluids. Its ethylene oxide derivatives are produced at its facility located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. The more

  • Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (4362) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based chemical manufacturing company. The company was founded as Nippon Camphor Co., Ltd. in 1918. It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of fine chemical products including medicines, cosmetic products and industrial chemical products. The company is als more

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  • Diet, gut microbiota and host lipid metabolism

    Nature provides an enormous diversity of lipid molecules that originate from various pathways. Fatty acids are key modules for various lipids, including cell membrane lipids such as phospholipids or triacylglycerols, which are the major components of lipid droplets. Excess lipids or defects in lipid metabolism are associated with diseases such as metabolic syndrome. more


Fatty acid

Fatty acid In chemistry , especially biochemistry , a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid often with a long unbranched aliphatic tail (chain ), which is either saturated or unsaturated . Carboxylic acids as short as butyric acid (4 carbon atom ... more


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