DataApex is an independent software company with expertise in developing and manufacturing chromatography data stations. Its solution includes genuine hardware & software and high quality technical support.

DataApex chromatography data stations are used for data acquisition, data processing and instrument control. The main product is Clarity Chromatography Software, the third generation of DataApex CDS products.

DataApex is a team of talented people with background in separation sciences, informatics and electronics. In-depth focus on chromatography software and its accessories and a clear vision of its future trends make DataApex a stable company with continuous annual growth since its establishment in 1991.

DataApex products are available through a dealer network in more than 90 countries around the world. 13 chromatography instrument manufacturers resell privately labeled (OEM) versions of DataApex software.

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    DataApex and Young Lin Instruments announce OEM cooperation

    DataApex and Young Lin Instruments announced an OEM cooperation. Young Lin Instruments will market an OEM version of DataApex's proven product Clarity Chromatography Software under the name YL-Clarity. According to the company, Young Lin Instruments expands rapidly their dealer network and ... more

    DataApex appoints Gallery Science as Premium Partner

    DataApex announces that Gallery Science has been appointed as the Premium Partner for the North America and Caribbean Islands. Gallery Science will act as a wholesaler to other distribution channels in this territory. According to the company, this new set up will provide customers faster a ... more

    DataApex audited for ISO 9001 standards

    DataApex Company announced its achievement of ISO9001:2000 certification an international standard for quality management. During December 2006 DataApex passed the certification audit validating that the company meets all the criteria of the ISO 9001:2000 standards in the areas of softwar ... more

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