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RADWAG is the biggest manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment in Poland and one of the biggests in EU. RADWAG manufactures and offers wide range of modern electronic balances, industrial and medical scales, weightbridges and checkweighers.RADWAG has introduced and documented system of quality control ISO 9001:2000 confirmed by TÜV certificate. This system has been recognized and certified with CE Metrology certificate, by European notified body CMI(Ceský Metrologický Institut) and NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut). It authorizes RADWAG to self declaration of conformity of its products with NAVI and MID directives.We manufacture balances beginning from ultra and microbalances with very high precision (d=0,1 µg, Max 21g) to weighbridges of high capacity (d=10 kg, Max 60000kg). RADWAG offers services for calibration of electronic weighing equipment and weights in its own Measuring Laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001

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    XA.4Y.A.PLUS Analytical Balance Precision,Accuracy, Repeatability

    Innovative solutions applied in SYNERGY LAB analytical balances guarantee extraordinary precision of top-class measuring equipment. The Best Possible Repeatability and USP Regulations Conformity The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations confo ... more

    RADWAG Elektronische Waagen


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    RADWAG Waagen GmbH

    RADWAG is a reliable and trustworthy partner for future-oriented weighing technology. As one of the leading manufacturers of scales on the market, we offer professional industrial and laboratory scales. Our electronic measuring instruments guarantee maximum precision and reliability! Our co ... more

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