About IAS

Calibration of Gas Analysers plus dosing and vaporization of liquids with respective systems is our central task.

During round about the last two decades, human beings have realized the importance of the resource "environment" and of its considerate, moderate use. However, we have not yet reached the aim to run most technologies free of emission. Thus measuring emission is vital.

Also in the fields of chemical and pharmaceutical processing, the measuring and analysis with gases is a necessity, like in many other branches. One thing they have in common is that measuring equipment needs to be calibrated; sometimes an easy task, more often a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process using conventional technology.

At this point the task of IAS GmbH, emerged from the 1997 founded Ingenieurbüro Dr. Schmäh, gets relevant: Development of calibration systems for the facilitation and optimization of calibration requests.

The calibration gas generators HovaCAL® are a standard in the calibration of emission monitors. The vaporizer technology HovaPOR is used for highly precise and pulsation free humidifying and the creating of organic vapor mixtures.

Besides our standard products HovaCAL®, HovaPOR and the gas mixer HovaGAS we are developing and manufacturing devices and systems for nearly all applications in the field of precision gas- and liquid delivery, vaporization and humidifying.

Facts about IAS
  • Founding: 1997
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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