About Eco Physics

ECO PHYSICS – measurably better

Since 1989 it is a part of our strategy and mission to detect nitrogen oxides in a fast and reliable manner and with a unique precision and to be one step ahead.

We offer an extensive product portfolio in the areas CLD technology (chemoluminescence detection) for the detection of nitrogen oxides (NOx) as well as PAS technology (photoacoustic spectroscopy).

The users of our products get a benefit out of our solutions as well as out of our high expertise in the fields of environment and gas analysis.

With these products the requirements of increasingly stringent governmental regulations demanding higher sensitivities to measure lower concentrations of air pollutants can be fulfilled and this thanks to exactly measured and documented values.

With respect to this our customers select out of a wide variety of instruments covering all concentration ranges from 10.000 ppm until 1 ppt.

The products are characterized by good availability, high profitability, low operation and maintenance cost and modern diagnostics and, due to their 19”-based dimensions, they can be integrated fast and flexibly into new and existing measuring systems.

We offer expertise over many years as well as sales and application oriented know how in the following business areas: - Emission (industry) in applications such as quality control of industrial gases, production of catalysts, petrochemical production a.o. - Immission (environment) in applications such as biological technologies, surveillance of air pollution, climate research a.o. - Automotive and engine industries in applications such as engine development and test benches a.o. - Medical diagnostics in applications such as FeNO measurement in exhaled air as well as lung function diagnostics - Semiconductor production for the surveillance of NH3 in sub ppb concentrations for wafer production

Know How, Quality and modular concept – Your advantage in gas analysis

Facts about Eco Physics
  • Founding: 1988
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology, Process analytics / process measurement technology

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