About Analab

ANALAB is the first supplier of consumables for the following techniques : AAS, ICP / ICP/MS, XRF, CHNOS, O2 , N2 , H2,C / S, S / C.

ANALAB proposes also aqueous solutions, single element, multi-elements and custom blend solutions delivered with a certificate of traces analysis or title, without forgetting all the range of the organic products and metallo-organic.

Some years ago, we registered and obtained an international patent for our device EVAPOCLEAN. Another department is also at your disposal, sample preparation devices.

Evapoclean: device of evaporation, concentration, separation and mineralization of samples. Cleanacids: device of purification of reagent : HCI, HF, HNO3, HBR, HCIO4, H2SO4, NH4OH, H2O2, etc … Easydigest: device for the mineralization of your samples in opened or closed environment. Acids inert Hot plates. Vulcan: device of fusion of samples for glass bead or solution. Press, milling, sieve, divisor.

Facts about Analab
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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