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Antec Leyden is located in Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands, and has been established in 1990 as a leading manufacturer of electrochemical detectors for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis. With our ALEXYS 100 LC-EC system we develop solutions for the analysis of biogenic amines, phenols, vitamins, inorganic ions, DNA adducts, amino acids and many other compounds. Through her commitment to quality and innovation Antec Leyden has established a global reputation for service and product excellence.

Antec Leyden was founded in 1990 to join the forces of university scientists and analytical instrumentation experts who had electrochemistry and liquid chromatography in common. This combined a wealth of theoretical and application know-how with expert electronic, engineering and manufacturing skills in LC-EC. An ambitious project was launched to incorporate these qualities into a programmable, 'high-end' LC-EC detector featuring a revolutionary design and high degree of integration. The result of this was the DECADE, introduced at Pittcon in 1992, being the first of a new generation of integrated EC detectors. In 1994 another more basic detector was developed, the Intro. New flow cell developments resulted in the maintenance free HyREF and the ISAAC.

With the development of the DECADE II (2003) and the ALEXYS 100 LC-EC system (2004), Antec Leyden became a supplier of system solutions. Dedicated system solutions for environmental, clinical and pharmaceutical applications are developed with this integrated system for LC-EC.

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    Improved Carbohydrate Analysis with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (PAD)

    Stable - within 1 hour ready for injection ✓ Robust - validated applications guaranteed ✓ Optimized - dedicated flow cells with solid gold electrodes for 3- and 4-step PAD ✓ more

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    ANTEC GmbH

    The ANTEC GmbH is a specialist provider of automated sample preparation systems, insbesonde re for: Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) VOC sample preparation (purge and trap, headspace) automated QuEChERS TOC analyzers Reinstdestillationsanlagen more