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The image of a safe future is associated with ideas of a clean and natural environment, of ecological and controllable industrial processes. Due to innovative solutions in wastewater technology, STIP has made exceptional progress in this field.

Until 1980, STIP traded under an engineering and consulting company for wastewater technology. During this time, a public environmental consciousness was growing. Consequently, wastewater treatment requirements increased. These requirements could only be fulfilled by capable and reliable on-line analysis, giving continuous information on wastewater streams and processes.

Drawing from many years of experience in wastewater technology, STIP searched for new methods of analysis and developed the first continuous short-time BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) measurement system. The STIP analyzer reduced the BOD measurement time from five days to just three minutes. This enabled monitoring and control of wastewater treatment plants based on BOD. STIP also developed high performance on-line measurement systems for toxicity, COD, TOC, ammonium, nitrate and phosphate. These methods have made wastewater management safer and faster.

In order to offer maximum service to their international customers, STIP decided to join with a capable partner with an already established global sales and service network. In 1997 STIP became part of the internationally operating group Isco, Inc., based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In April 2005 STIP Isco was acquired by Endress+Hauser Conducta. With STIP Isco being specialized in the on-line analysis of load and nutrient parameters Endress+Hauser could intensify their activities in the field of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. At the same time, Endress+Hauser have taken an important step on their way to being a supplier of turnkey solutions in the environmental market.

At STIP in Groß-Umstadt you find a team of engineering, service and sales specialists who are in a position to handle individual measuring points as well as complex monitoring stations.

STIP will continue to be a business division within Endress+Hauser Conducta. As a consequence, STIP will remain a reliable partner for their customers today and in future and stand for continuity and reliability in all projects.

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