About Analítica Abastecimientos

With 11 years of experience providing Enviromental control ,Laboratory instruments and Equipment for education and research markets . ANALITICA offers high quality equipments, instruments, reagents, standards. and provide a a continious and adequated service.

The company of GRUPO APSA, is in charge of the enviromental market and provides a personal assistance and consulting in these specialities.

It offers a complete line of equipment that let laboratories develop studies of the physical, chemical,and microbiological properties of lakes, oceans, water treatrment plants, and industry. The equipments are very useful determine ions, metals, pH, conductivity, oxygen, pesticides, etc...

It also provides equipments of worldwide recognized brands that determine toxic gases like NO x, SO 2, CO 2, CO, O 2, etc...

Equipment for soil tests it is also provided . These equipments are used to analyse parameters like pH, pesticides, metals, presence of C,H,O,N, etc..

ANALITICA offers high-tech equipments and instruments for laborotories in different sectors like education, health, research and technology pursuing to furnisht all the requirements of the different areas.

ANALITICA provides a service for the educational market . It offer educational equipments in the physics, chemistry, biology and ecology areas tying to reach schoolars from primary up to university levels . The idea is make their experiments easier in the laboratories.

Facts about Analítica Abastecimientos
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

Product portfolio of Analítica Abastecimientos

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