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HUBER INSTRUMENTE forms a member of the third generation of a family dedicated to precision techniques since 1886. In August 1900, grandfather Fritz Huber opened his own watchmaker shop in Thoune. Being in charge of the clocks of the city-towers, he was the guardian of the cities precise time; during several decades, he - and his sons - had to wind up and to adjust the different clocks, some them daily. Subsequently two of his sons learned the same trade. One of them moved to the Principality of Liechtenstein, where two watchmaker shops are held today by his sons and their families. The other, Hans, in April 1937 opened a watch and jewellery store at Zeughausplatz 16 in Liestal. After the difficult years of active military service 1939 to 1941, the shop was moved to Rathausstrasse 66 in July 1943. In November 1963 again, a move was up, into the newly acquired building at Freihofgasse 4, where Hans Huber-Mühleisen continued his business until the end of 1975. In the meantime, his son, Peter, had got an instruction - not as a watchmaker - but in related precision manufacturing techniques and had specialised in measurement and control. An experience of over twenty years in this sector, in the latest years as sales manager for measurement, control and aircraft instruments and in the function of publicity manager as well, formed a fertile soil for new ideas. The longtime cherished idea of a highly precise pressure gauge based on the force-balance principle was activated by the electronic balances appearing on the market by the end of the seventies. The possibility to manufacture a new product without enormous investment was offered in an ideal way, because it could be produced essentially by completing the structure of a serial product.

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