VMI/Rayneri Group


VMI's creation goes back to 1945. Originally a company of general mechanics, it gradually evolved until it became 'Vendée Mécanique' in 1960.

In the 70s, 'Vendée Mécanique' progressively began to concentrate its manufacturing activities on the making of kneading machines for bakeries. It was at this time that the company bought out the brands 'Phébus' and 'Mahot', two leaders in the kneading machine field.

In 1986, the company assumed the corporate name VMI ('Vendée Mécanique Industrie') and began to sell shares on the stock market. It was taken over by the Suez Group in 1994.

In 1989 VMI took over the Rayneri firm which specialises in industrial formulae.

The 1992 fusion of VMI and Rayneri was notable for the centralisation on the Montaigu (Vendée) site of the totality of Rayneri's industrial production. Rayneri is today a department of the VMI group.

Between 1992 and 1995, the company set up branches in Italy.

In 1998, the firm was taken over by the Bretèche Group, an industrial supplier for the food processing industry.