About Parr Instrument

For more than 100 years Parr Instrument is engaged in the manufacture and sales of calorimeters, lab-reactors and related instruments.

Facts about Parr Instrument
  • Focus : Manufacturer

Products from Parr Instrument

Product portfolio

acid digestion vessels
air motors
anchor stirrers
batch reactors
catalyst baskets
ceramic heating elements
combustion calorimeters
condensate separators
cooling coils
detonation calorimeters
digestion bombs
digestion units
dosing pipettes
explosion-proof motors
fluid bed reactors
fluidized bed reactors
gas flow controllers
high-pressure gas burettes
high-temperature reactors
hydrogenation equipment
liquid dosing systems
magnetic drives
Microwave digestion vessels
mini reactor systems
monitoring window
multi reactor systems
oxygen digestion vessels
parallel reactors
pressure autoclaves
pressure control valves
pressure hoses
return capacitors
sampling vessels
solution calorimeters
stand reactors
supply tanks
table reactors
tubular reactors

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