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Tensíío by KRÜSS

Break-through in tensiometry

One device, 15 methods for analyzing surface and interfacial tension and wettability

OCA 200

OCA 200 by DataPhysics

Using contact angle meter to comprehensively characterise wetting behaviour, solids, and liquids

With its intuitive software and as a modular system, the OCA 200 answers to all customers’ needs

contact angle measuring instruments

oscas by LabCognition

Spectroscopy Apps for Routine Spectrum Analysis

Increase sample throughput, avoid errors and save ressources

spectral databases
inVia Qontor

inVia Qontor by Renishaw

Raman Microspectroscopy with Automatic Focus Tracking to Save You Time and Effort

A confocal Raman microscope suitable for samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces

Raman microscopes

Ayríís by KRÜSS

Ayríís – Surface quality control has never been so easy and reliable

The measurement: conceivably simple and definite

contact angle measuring instruments
MSA One-Click SFE

MSA One-Click SFE by KRÜSS

MSA One-Click SFE

Analyzing wettability in a second with only one click

surface analysis instruments

DCAT by DataPhysics

High precision tensiometer for surface and interface analysis

Modular, extendable, powerful - ideal for laboratory and research



Always the right SEM:Characterization of surface structure & elemental analysis for all applications

Looking for a versatile, indispensable tool for your R&D? JEOL‘s SEMs will exceed your expectation!


SpectraGenius by S.T.Japan

The new intuitive software for your spectra search - SpectraGenius

Easy to use, fast & reliable - SpectraGenius is the new go-to software for substance identification

spectral databases
ZPA 20

ZPA 20 by DataPhysics

Zeta Potential Analyzer for Solid Surfaces

Powders, fibers & flat samples: Electrochemical analysis helps understanding surface interactions

Zeta potential measuring devices
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