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List of plasma physicists

  • Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov
  • Hannes Alfvén - Received the only Nobel Prize specifically for contributions to plasma physics.
  • Willard Harrison Bennett - The Z-pinch is a form of "Bennett pinch". Also invented radio frequency mass spectrometry.
  • Kristian Birkeland - First suggested that polar electric currents (or auroral electrojets) are connected to a system of filaments (now called "Birkeland currents") that flow along geomagnetic field lines into and away from the polar region.
  • David Bohm - derived the Bohm sheath criterion, which states that a plasma must flow with at least the speed of sound toward a solid surface
  • Fran Bosnjakovic
  • Oscar Buneman - Pioneer of computational plasma physics and plasma simulation.
  • F. F. Chen
  • William Crookes
  • Peter Debye - Nobel Prize winning physicist and chemist, after whom Debye shielding and Debye length are named
  • Philo Farnsworth - credited with the invention of the cathode ray tube, television and Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor
  • Harold Furth
  • Vitaly Ginzburg
  • Russell Alan Hulse
  • Predhiman Kaw
  • Lev Davidovich Landau
  • Irving Langmuir - Developed electron temperature concepts and an electrostatic probe, the Langmuir probe. Coined the term "plasma" to hint at the life-like behavior of this state of matter.
  • Eric Lerner - His level of expertise is controversial. [1]
  • Ernst Messerschmid
  • Anthony Peratt - electrical engineer and advocate of plasma cosmology
  • Marshall Rosenbluth
  • Dr. J. Reece Roth - Inventor of atmospheric plasma technologies.
  • Megh Nad Saha - Saha equation
  • Andrey Dmitriyevich Sakharov - Proposed the development of the tokamak device for use in controlled thermonuclear fusion.
  • Rudolf Seeliger
  • Lyman Spitzer
  • Johannes Stark
  • V. Alexander Stefan - Inventor of the Beat Wave-Driven Free-Electron Laser
  • Thomas H. Stix
  • Igor Tamm
  • Nikola Tesla - Innovative inventor, physicist, mechanical and electrical engineer
  • Lewi Tonks

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