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List of proteins

A list of proteins (and protein complexes). This list aims to organize information on the protein universe.

All proteins can be found in the human proteome unless marked with a "%".

If a protein has an EC number, it should be on List of enzymes and not on this page, even if it fits into one of the categories below.

For more information about categorizing protein types, see List of types of proteins.


Fibrous protein

cytoskeletal proteins

Extracellular matrix proteins

Globular proteins

Plasma proteins

Coagulation factors

See also: {{Coagulation}}

Acute phase proteins


Cell adhesion

Transmembrane transport proteins

Ion pumping enzymes are in the enzymes section.

Ion channels

synport/antiport proteins

Hormones and growth factors


  • Receptors with enzyme activity are in the enzymes section.
  • Receptors that are ion channels are in the ion channel section.

Transmembrane receptors

Intracellular receptors

DNA-binding protein

transcription regulation

  • CI protein %

Transcription regulatory proteins that are receptors are in the receptors section.

Immune system proteins

Nutrient storage/transport

  • ferritin

Chaperone proteins


See List of enzymes

Complexes with multiple components including proteins

  • spliceosome
  • ribonucleoprotein (generic)
  • Signal recognition particle
  • nucleosome

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