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Local-density approximation

The local-density approximation (LDA) is an approximation of the exchange-correlation (XC) energy functional in density functional theory (DFT) by taking the XC energy of an electron in a non-interacting homogeneous electron gas of a density equivalent to the density at the electron in the system being calculated. This approximation was applied to DFT by Kohn and Sham in an early paper.[1]

The Hohenberg-Kohn theorem states that the energy of the ground state of a system of electrons is a functional of the electronic density, in particular the exchange and correlation energy is also a functional of the density (this energy can be seen as the quantum part of the electron-electron interaction). This XC functional is not known exactly and must be approximated.[2]

LDA is the simplest approximation for this functional, it is local in the sense that the electron exchange and correlation energy at any point in space is a function of the electron density at that point only.[3]

The LDA functional assumes that the per-electron exchange-correlation energy at every point in space is equal to the per-electron exchange-correlation energy of a homogeneous electron gas.[1]

The XC correlation functional is the sum of a correlation functional and an exchange functional[1]

E_{xc} = E_x + E_c \,\;


LDA uses the exchange for the uniform electron gas of a density equal to the density at the point where the exchange is to be evaluated,

E_x = \int d^3r \, n(\vec{r}) \left( {{-3e^2}\over{4\pi}} \right) \left(3 \pi^2 n(\vec{r})\right)^{1 \over 3}

in SI units where n(\vec{r}) is the electron density per unit volume at the point \vec{r} \,\;and e\,\; is the charge of an electron.[4]


There are several forms of correlation:

  • Vosko-Wilk-Nusair (VWN) [7]
  • Perdew-Zunger (PZ) [8]
  • Cole-Perdew (CP) [9]
  • Lee-Yang-Parr (LYP) [10]
  • Perdew-Wang (PW92) [11]

Wigner correlation is gotten by using equally spaced electrons and applying perturbation theory.[5]

VWN, PZ and PW92 are fit to a quantum Monte Carlo calculation[12] of the electron gas at varying densities.[11]

LYP is based on data fit to the helium atom.[10]


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