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High Throughput Flow Reactor for Process Chemists

The FlowSyn Maxi™ from Uniqsis is a high throughput flow reactor for process chemists looking to optimise reaction conditions before scaling-up synthetic production to multiple kilograms per day more

A comprehensive range of Flow Photoreactors to suit almost any application

Versatile: Wide range of output wavelengths in both batch and Flow ✓ Safe: No light leakage in operation and safety cut outs ✓ Scalable: wide variety of coil reactor sizes available ✓ more

Continuous Flow Chemistry Systems for reaction optimisation and scale up

High Performance - Accurate, uniform temperature control from -85°C to +300°C pressure up to 100bar ✓ Scalable - Perform an extensive range of chemistries from mg to kg ✓ Minimal bench space/footprint required, compatible with all Uniqsis flow chemistry modules ✓ more

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  • New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing

    Chemical reactions that are driven by light offer a powerful tool for chemists who are designing new ways to manufacture pharmaceuticals and other useful compounds. Harnessing this light energy requires photoredox catalysts, which can absorb light and transfer the energy to a chemical reaction. MIT more

  • New method for producing synthetic DNA

    The DNA sequences produced are also called oligonucleotides. These are widely used for disease identification, for the manufacture of oligonucleotide-based drugs, and for several other medical and biotechnological applications.  The high demand for oligonucleotides therefore requires an efficient au more

  • Virtual lab finds the right AI tool for each chemistry problem

    Having the right tool for the job makes the job a lot easier, less expensive and faster. Chemical engineering researchers have now developed a virtual laboratory that can be used to determine the artificial intelligence (AI) tools best suited for addressing various chemical synthesis challenges in f more

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Flow chemistry

Flow chemistry In flow chemistry, a chemical reaction is run in a continuously flowing stream rather than in batch production . In other words, pumps move fluid into a tube, and where tubes join one another, the fluids contact one another. If ... more


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