Uniqsis appoints Paul Pergande as Commercial Director

28-Apr-2010 - USA

Uniqsis Ltd has appointed Paul Pergande as the company’s Commercial Director. Pergande will be responsible for worldwide sales and marketing including after sales service and technical support of the Uniqsis’ flagship product – the FlowSyn™ continuous flow reactor system.

“More than two years ago we started with a blank sheet of paper and since then I have seen the product right through its development phase to become a finished product,” explained Pergande. “In my new role I will be setting up distribution channels, engaging directly with European customers, raising funding and implementing business plans for the FlowSyn™ technology.”

Pergande continued: “Uniqsis grew by about 50 percent last year. This year we are looking to almost double the turnover and we are developing a very, very strong business plan which involves moving Samantha Dunnage, Uniqsis’ COO over to the USA, which is the biggest market in the world for flow chemistry. The US market represents about 40 percent of the global flow chemistry market”.

Pergande’s appointment frees Dunnage to focus her attention on increasing sales and customer service in the US market. Dunnage will manage the development of business opportunities in the US first hand by moving to Boston, Massachusetts on the East Coast of the USA.

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