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  • Chemists to capture atmospheric methane with sugar

    Researchers at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Science are in the process of finding out. Methane gas is 86 times more potent than CO2 and one of the major contributors to global warming. It is estimated that methane accounts for 30 percent of all global warming from gaseous emissions. Meg more

  • Report lays out future scenarios for global chemical industry

    A new report sends a dire warning to the chemical industry, which it says is on track for a future global warming scenario with catastrophic consequences, and sets out tangible, credible pathways for the sector to become an enabler of a sustainable global economy by 2050, while overseeing dramatic g more

  • Cleaner air as a result of coronavirus lockdown

    During the first lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic, soot concentrations in the atmosphere over Western and Southern Europe almost halved. This is apparent from the comparison of two measurement campaigns carried out by the German research aircraft HALO in 2017 and 2020. A new study suggests that more

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Politics of global warming

Politics of global warming The politics of global warming have involved policy decisions, legislation, and political debate over the science of and response to global warming . The political struggle over global warming has involved various gov ... more


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