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  • Flexible quantum sieve filters the fuel of Starship Enterprise

    Deuterium, the heavy brother of hydrogen, is considered a promising material of the future – because of its wide range of applications: in science, for energy generation, or in the production of pharmaceuticals. However, the extraction of deuterium from its natural isotope mixture has so far been co more

  • Say hello to a record-setting isotope

    In collaboration with an international team of researchers, Michigan State University has helped create the world’s lightest version, or isotope, of magnesium to date. Forged at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at MSU, or NSCL, this isotope is so unstable, it falls apart before scie more

  • Homogeneous hydrogenolysis reaction with molecular palladium catalyst

    Tritium 3H, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is commonly used in medicinal chemistry as a label to follow the course of a drug in the human body. Chemists like to use the technique to evaluate drug candidates and their metabolism. However, synthesis of the radiolabeled molecules is challenging. A more

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Isotopes of actinium

Isotopes of actinium Actinium (Ac) has no stable isotopes. A standard atomic mass cannot be given. An isotope of actinium occurring within the radioactive disintegration chain of thorium was known as: * mesothorium II : 228Ac The older name ... more


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