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Microplastics are generally understood to be plastic particles with a diameter of less than 5 mm. Due to their size, they enter the food chain, are difficult to dispose of and very persistent. The pollution of water bodies is a global problem here in particular. The main sources of the small particles are components of cosmetics and mechanically crushed plastic products, such as plastic waste.

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Wasser 3.0 gGmbH, Germany

Wasser 3.0 non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) is a green tech company from Karlsruhe, founded in 2020, which operates at the interface between materials science, water management and water technology. The Wasser 3.0 strategy detect | remove | reuse focuses on innovative solutions for dealing with microplasti more

Purency GmbH, Austria

By automating the data analysis of microplastics measurements with machine learning algorithms, we enable laboratories to perform a fast, scalable and robust analysis of microplastics. more

Products Microplastics

Polymer Characterization with Vertical Furnace Pyrolyzer without Sample Preparation

The EGA/PY-3030D is a multifunctionel pyrolyzer with programmable ceramic heater supporting 4 analytical methods more

A fast automated solution for smaller microplastic identification

Less than 100 µm in size measurement ✓ Fast, automated technique ✓ Semi-quantitative results more

Compact FT-IR spectrometer for straightforward chemical analysis

OPUS TOUCH software simplifies the user experience ✓ RockSolid" technology ensures maximum reliability and durability ✓ Compact design perfectly matches your application ✓ more

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News Microplastics

  • How nanoplastics can influence metabolism

    PET, the plastic used to make bottles, for example, is ubiquitous in our natural environment. In a joint study, scientists from Leipzig University and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) investigated the negative effects that tiny plastic PET particles can have on the metabolism an more

  • Capturing nanoplastics in tap water with light

    Nanoplastics are plastics that have been discarded from our daily lives and that enter ecosystems in the size scale below 1 micro-metter after their physical and chemical disintegration. Recent research has shown that the concentration of microplastics in the major rivers in South Korea is the highe more

  • From the road to the plate: lettuce takes up toxic additives from tyre wear

    Wind, sewage sludge, and waste water carry tyre wear particles from roads onto farmland. A new lab study shows: The pollutants contained in the particles could get into the vegetables grown there. Researchers at the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CMESS) at the University more

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Find particles automatically, classify them precisely and identify them easily with Raman microscopy

ParticleScout enables unprecedented speed and ease of use for microparticle analysis with Raman microscopy through the automated integration of optical components, advanced algorithms, spectroscopic capabilities and spectral database software. Particles smaller than 1 µm can be analyzed in detail. " more


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