IFRA To Publish Fragrance Industry Ingredient List

06-Aug-2009 - Switzerland

IFRA will publish a list of fragrance ingredients being used by the industry’s customers in consumer goods by December 31st 2009 on its website and respond to the changing marketplace where consumers are seeking more information about the ingredients in the products they use safely in their everyday lives. This proactive initiative will supplement the fragrance industry’s overall safety program communication

“To support our goal of increased transparency, we have determined that publishing an alphabetized list of fragrance ingredients would be helpful when communicating the industry’s extensive safety program,” said Jean-Pierre Houri, IFRA Director General.

Currently, IFRA’s Safety Program is based on the IFRA Code of Practice and the IFRA Standards which, using risk assessments, prohibit and restrict the use of fragrance materials in consumer goods if there is any safety concern for human health or the environment. The Code of Practice and the Standards must be adhered to by all IFRA member companies.

The list of fragrance ingredients will be generated from the IFRA 2008 Use Survey. This survey is carried out on a regular basis amongst IFRA affiliated member companies representing approximately 90% of the world’s production volume of fragrances and will take several months to complete. The list will be updated according to the substances used by IFRA affiliated member companies. The materials, both natural and synthetic, will be listed alphabetically by their chemical name and their Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number.

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