23-May-2002 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Raman Analysis for High-Throughput Screening Applications

May 22, 2002 A new system for automating Raman analysis debuted at Pittcon 2002. The system simplifies sample handling and data acquisition in High- Throughput applications, such as screening of drug polymorphs and/or combinatorial chemistry reactions. Raman spectroscopy allows you to analyze samples as small as one micron and can provide unique information related to polymorph identification, reaction monitoring, sample purity and material confirmation. The ability to obtain valuable molecular and structural information from small quantities of sample is especially useful where small amounts of valuable compound is available.

The flexible and reliable system allows users to rapidly acquire high-quality Raman spectra from samples in 96- and 384-well plates. An option for user-defined formats is also available. We have also combined our expertise in molecular spectroscopy with Thermo LabSystem's leadership position in high-throughput microplate handling technology to provide the latest in Raman analysis automation.

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