13-Jun-2002 -

Ecka Granules acquires MicroMet GmbH Pulvertechnologie

Fürth, 13 June 2002 - Norddeutsche Affinerie AG (NA) has sold its former subsidiary, MicroMet GmbH Pulvertechnologie, to ECKA Granulate GmbH & Co. KG in Fürth/Bavaria. It was agreed that the 100 % acquisition of MicroMet by ECKA will be backdated to 1 April 2002.

MicroMet with 69 employees is one of the leading producers of copper powders and metal powders. The company is domiciled in Hamburg. The administrative headquarters and production facilities are located within NA’s works’ area.

Up to now MicroMet has had an annual output of about 5,000 tonnes of electrolytic and atomised copper powders and metal powders. Apart from suppliers to the automotive industry, MicroMet’s customers include the chemical industry, the electrical engineering and electronics industries as well as industrial niche sectors.

Despite its very good market position and high efficiency it had become increasingly difficult for MicroMet to hold up well in international competition. It was therefore NA’s target to expand MicroMet by external growth or to find strategic alliances. In the view of NA’s Executive Board, the sale of MicroMet to ECKA Granulate is the optimal solution.

As a result of the acquisition of MicroMet, ECKA Granulate can enhance its internationally leading position. MicroMet complements the ECKA product portfolio and puts the production possibilities on a wider and still more performance-oriented footing.

ECKA Granulate is internationally renowned for its three main sectors of granules, metal powders and application technology. It enjoys direct customer proximity due to its global network with more than 12 production sites and over 20 sales offices with technical applications. The production programme includes the manufacture of metal powders from the pure metals, aluminium, copper, magnesium, tin, lead, zinc, calcium, silicon and their alloys.

As a result of the acquisition of MicroMet, the non-ferrous metal sector of ECKA Granulate now has seven production sites in Germany, France, England as well as a joint venture in Russia and a cooperation in India.

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