30-Apr-2010 - Neste Jacobs Oy

Neste Jacobs and Eesti Energia agreed on building a shale oil condensation unit in Estonia

Neste Jacobs was selected to act as engineering partner for a new shale oil condensation unit in Estonia. Neste Jacobs and Eesti Energia Õlitööstus made an engineering and construction management contract on 28th. April 2010.

Shale oil processing is an area where Eesti Energia can take advantage of Neste Jacobs engineering and project implementation experience. Shale oil condensation unit is a part of Enefit-280 project and it purificates and fractionates the shale oil vapor gas mixture. The project is scheduled to end in 2012.

"This contract is very important and notable step for Neste Jacobs and supports our strategic goals to extend our market area and creates confidential and long term partnerships for us," says Neste Jacobs CEO Jarmo Suominen.

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