PerkinElmer Life Sciences Announces a Fully Automated Workstation for Nucleic Acid Normalization

BOSTON Aug. 5, 2002 - PerkinElmer Life Sciences, today announced availability of a new integrated workstation for automated, high-throughput normalization of nucleic acid samples. Normalization is a technique that standardizes sample concentration to improve the quality of downstream applications, such as sequencing reactions, microarray construction, multiplexing PCR, gene expression and protein binding assays. PerkinElmer has partnered with Molecular Devices Corporation to co-market the new MultiPROBE(R) II Nucleic Acid Normalization Workstation. The workstation provides full walk-away automation for nucleic acid quantification and normalization through the use of PerkinElmer's MultiPROBE II Robotic Liquid Handling System with Gripper(TM) Integration Platform, new nucleic acid normalization software and an integrated SpectraMax(R) plate reader from Molecular Devices. Incorporation of the Molecular Devices' SpectraMax plate reader enables PerkinElmer to offer a workstation that supports quantification via UV absorbance or fluorescence detection. The Nucleic Acid Normalization Workstation can setup a 96 well plate for quantification in as little as 7 minutes. Normalization can be achieved in as little as 8 minutes for a 96 well.

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