Univar creates dedicated EMEA Energy team

03-Jun-2011 - Belgium

Univar Inc has expanded its operations in the energy sector with the establishment of an Energy team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), focusing exclusively on the oil and gas industry. The move is part of Univar’s strategy to significantly expand its energy business in EMEA within the next three years and become a key supplier to the oil and gas industry in the region.

The new energy team will promote Univar’s range of commodity and specialty chemicals to the upstream oilfield industry, in addition to offering unique filtration systems, new generation purification guards and hydrotreating catalysts to refineries, natural gas and petrochemical plants in the downstream industry. These products take out unwanted elements, including mercury, sulphur and chlorine, from the feed-stocks such as crude-oil or naptha, thus increasing product sustainability.

The team is beginning its sales push within Europe, where the energy sector is worth an estimated €600 million in chemical sales annually. By 2012, the energy team will expand operations further into the Middle East and Africa.

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