2010 much better year for container glass production

30-Jun-2011 - Belgium

Production data 2010 published from the European Container glass Federation (FEVE)  show a general recovery from the drop of the previous year. In 2010, the European industry produced 20.7 million tonnes of glass compared to 20.1 million tonnes in 2009 marking an increase of 3.5%.

The biggest increase in production was recorded in Turkey (27%) and United Kingdom (9.5%). In Italy (5.2%), Poland (5.7%) the increase was more important than in Portugal (1.9%), Spain (2.7%) and North & Central countries (1.7%). In Germany the situation was stable (0.2%) as well as in France where a slight decrease was recorded (-0.1%).

“The industry was able to react firmly to the impact of the previous year’s financial crisis – says FEVE President Niall Wall – and to maintain its place as a key player in the packaging market notwithstanding the harsh competition. This is important if we are to offer consumers choice because glass is their preferred packaging thanks to its environmental, health and taste preservation qualities.  For some natural and healthy products like milk, yoghurts, baby food or mineral waters, consumer demand for glass packaging is not being met because of the lack of choice on supermarket shelves”.

The industry continues to make efforts to improve the efficiency of manufacturing process, to reduce environmental impacts and to reduce costs to ensure that brands are provided with a premium packaging solution at competitive prices when compared to other materials.

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