Lonza and Novoset: Introduction of thermoset polyimides for electronic and aerospace industries

05-Feb-2013 - Switzerland

Lonza Ltd and Novoset LLC announce the introduction of a new generation of thermoset polyimides. The new polyimides address shortcomings of conventional high temperature polyimides currently available in the market and will serve semiconductor packaging, aerospace, abrasives, composite tooling, electronics, and other industries. 

Lonza is marketing these products in collaboration with Novoset LLC under the Primaset™ trade name. Primaset™ PPI-600, is available in powdered and solvated form. Lonza and Novoset are working with customers to qualify this product for various applications where long term thermo-oxidative stability and electric properties are critical. Furthermore, Lonza manufactures the key materials for this product.  

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